DJ Tribe

Good day family, we are here finally, it has taken over ten years to have our first album out on the web, with a tribal roar. We will be posting all our news about the band here. We would like to let everyone know about our history. We come from the south west of the USA and our sound was born in Maui, Hawaii. It all started in the jungle when we had a vision in Santa Fe where we met and then had enough of the main land it’s politics of dancing. It was during the birth of the underground sound and you had to have a permit to dance, and also gather for freedom of expression. After we met with a few folks from the Islands at a party in Santa Fe, they told us we should go to San Fransisco or Hawaii, there is a group of people who are like minded. So we packed up our little Casio key board and with a few flutes and didgeridoos, then caught the first flight to Hawaii. It was about three months when we landed out first gig @ Lahaina Coolers A little patio and grill place with awesome food and great tourist trap for world tourism. We were playing while people began to look at us like we were bizarre collection of bugs and boogie. Everyone came up and asked what type of music this was. We told them Native Country House, or Electric Lounge. At this time of course there was no such thing as this kind of music. So we became a tourist attraction. We played there for about a year every Wednesday through Saturday.
The one day we met a local who said we should stop by is house and play at his party. At this time we finally met some of the spiritual family of the islands. That is when we began to play up in the mountains in a studio with amazing group of healers and growers of organic gardens.And a band called Lost at Last. Needless to say. DJ Tribe was born.
We finally came back to the mainland and began our journey through Northern California and a place called Black Rock City.Helen invaded the Oculus crew headquarters A barren place in the Nevada Desert population 30,000. That is when we knew we had a place in the sun and then began throwing parties in the South West and California.
Since then we have been busy building our network and web media broadcasting @ gaiapod, a Earth Friendly Media Broadcasting for Movies and all expressions of culture and Eco solutions.Band

Members are Pony Vigil Navajo Sun Dancer (Vocals/percussion/writer)and Tone Freshwater (Keyboard/vocals/guitar/writer) featured guests Julia Angel (Vocals)
Stay TUNED and Jam on.
Peace to all vibrations)'(

DJ Tribe on iTunes
DJ Tribe on MySpace
DJ Tribe on Facebook
DJ Tribe on iLike


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