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Water Warrior

WW_Post_Card_5x7AOn December 22, 2017 Thunderbird Group LLC kicks off their New Mexico-based Native

American film production company in a series of events including the beginning of production of

Water Warrior, a science-fiction short film of redemption and forgiveness that is both universal

and personal for Executive Director and Screenwriter Pony Vigil.

Produced primarily with a core of Native American crew and talent, Water Warrior stars Adam

Chess (“Into the West,” “We’re the Millers”) and is based on an original Native American alltribes

perspective story. Protagonist Water Warrior is called back to Earth from the spirit world

and must fight Dark Forces to literally and metaphorically change the world.

The film will make use of the science fiction genre and 21st century technology to reveal

character significance and pack symbolic meaning into accelerated action scenes.

In April 2015, Pony was in a severe car accident. He temporarily left this world in a near-death

experience. He was brought back and during his recovery, he felt that his calling was, to make

Native American movies with thought provoking messages and to mentor indigenous filmmakers

in telling their stories. Thunderbird Group currently has four Native interns.

Since visual effects are crucial to the film’s story. Thunderbird Group will begin crowdfunding for the making of the short film Water Warrior.